How to Fix error code 16 on a flashed Boost Mobile phone

If you have flashed your HTC Evo 4G, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Evo Shift, HTC Incredible, Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Epic, Samsung Moment, Samsung Transform or any other flashed phone to Boost Mobile and after the flash received a error code 16 when dialing out there is a easy fix. 

  1. Call Boost Mobile and explain to them that your donor phone is not receiving call or text. They will begin to have you trouble shoot with the donor phone. For example they may have you reprogram the phone by dialing ##123456(Phone SPC/MSL code)# and edit your MSID(Mobile Station Identification number). Explain to them you have previously had this problem and that the last rep had you shut down your phone while Boost Mobile reset your service. After they reset your Boost Mobile service turn on your flashed phone and try calling 611. The error code 16 will now be gone and you will be able to call out on your phone. 
  2. If you have another Boost Mobile phone that you can activate on your Boost Mobile account then go ahead and activate it on your Boost Mobile account. Wait for a couple of hours and then reactivate the donor phone that is connected to the flashed phone. This will also reset your service.
  3. Call form your flashed phone any out going number. For example call 611 when you are prompted with the error code 16 stay on the line until you speak with a Srint security specialist. They will ask you what phone you are on and what network the phone is programmed to. Explain to them you are on the Boost Mobile network and tell them you are using the donor phone not the flashed phone that you are receiving the error code 16 on. The Sprint security specialist will then reset your service and your flashed phone will now work on Boost Mobile. 

What  is a error code 16 ?
Error code 16 is a security code that Sprint uses to flag phones that are trying to enter the Sprint network with another phone's identity.  

What causes error code 16 ?
In our experience error code 16 is caused by using a donor phone that has been activated on the Boost Mobile network for longer then  few hours. To avoid error code 16 make sure to flash your phone immediately after activating the donor phone. 


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  • 3/24/2012 4:18 PM Mik Ram wrote:
    First off was quite skeptical of buying the guide I'm a avid android tinkerer and root enthusiast but after having issues flashing my evo3d to boost i bought the guide and although I'm sure i was a pesky customer as it was a tad hard at first they helped me along the way and i'm on a 100% working evo3d on boost mobile from there excellent support and i did have to use this last step as dummy me didn't flash my evo3d immediately after activation like guide instructed but like i said once again

    AMAZING work guys and if ur a customer just email them there more then happy to assist you

    Mik Ram
    happily flashed EV03d Boost mobile customer in Chicago
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